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    AlphaNorth is a Toronto based investment manager. We combine technical analysis with both a bottom-up and top-down strategy in the selection of investments offering the best reward versus risk opportunities. LEARN MORE ABOUT ALPHANORTH
  • AlphaNorth Resource Fund

    The investment objective of the AlphaNorth Resource Fund is to generate strong returns by investing in Canadian resource companies that offer attractive risk-reward characteristics. The Fund invests primarily in junior and intermediate Canadian resource companies... LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS NEW FUND.


  • AlphaNorth Partners Fund

    The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve tax-efficient long-term capital growth through the superior selection of primarily Canadian equity securities.... LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS FUND

  • AlphaNorth Growth Fund

    The AlphaNorth Growth Fund is an open-ended mutual fund focusing primarily on Canadian small to mid-capitalization equities, between $100 million and $5 billion market capitalization. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS FUND

About AlphaNorth

Founded in 2007, AlphaNorth Asset Management is a Toronto based investment manager. The firm combines both bottom-up fundamental analysis and top-down strategy with technical analysis in the selection of investments offering the best risk/reward opportunities.


View a list of our awards and recognitions for our growing funds, right here.

Fund Performance

FundMonthYTD1 yr3 yr5 yrSince inceptionCumulative
AlphaNorth Partners Fund A -12.5% -6.1% -21.4% -14.1% 8.9% 9.2% 83.5%
AlphaNorth Partners Fund F -14.4% -8.3% 6.7% -1.6% 18.2% 15.8% 176.2%
AlphaNorth Growth Fund -6.8% -18.6% -24.0% -18.8%    -25.2% -61.1%
AlphaNorth Resource Fund -8.6% 27.7% 18.5%     -2.7% -4.3%
S&P/TSX Venture Index -11.2% -2.4% -3.4% -14.7% -6.6% -14.7% -66.8%
S&P/TSX Total Return Index -4.0% 12.2% 20.4% 12.1% 8.7% 4.3% 33.8%

* As at September 30th, 2014 net of all fees. Performance subsequent to 2012 is unaudited. Past returns are not indicative of future performance. Inception date for AlphaNorth Partners Fund Class A shares is December 2007. Annual data for 2007 is for a partial year.  For AlphaNorth Partners Fund Class F, returns on or prior to Reorganization May 31, 2013 include Class A performance, as Class F was created by transferring existing investors from Class A at that date. Classes F and G are the only classes currently open to new investment. Inception date for AlphaNorth Growth fund Series A shares is July 2011.

Interview with AlphaNorth

Timing is Everything: Medical Marajuana & Growth in China.  Interview with SmallCapPower.com.

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